NK-200 (MC-6800)

Super active concentrated alkaline cleaner for use with water. Effectively cleanses and degreases, separates and dissolves most of machine and vehicle pollution.

  • easily removes difficult road dirt, oils, greases, waxes, fat, dried dirt, blood, old food stains etc.
  • universal and multi-tasking
  • very economical - used with water in concentrations from 1-25%
  • biodegradable
  • does not cause metal corrosion
  • compatible with varnish coatings, plastics, elastomers, fabrics, wood, ceramics and metals (also aluminum and copper alloys subject to rinsing with water)
  • especially recommended for washing vehicles for road and rail transport
  • perfect for cleaning industrial floors and oily asphalt surfaces
  • used in every industry

Packaging: Bottle 1L x12, Canister 5L x 4, Canister 20 L