The fastest penetrator, a clean agent for rapid loosening and disassembly of rusty threaded connections and seized mechanisms.
Cleans - facilitates disassembly – loosens – removes rust – lubricates – protects

  • penetrates very quickly, even <5 seconds
  • deeply penetrates rust, dissolves corrosion and oxidation deposit
  • effectively loosens and removes rust from bolts, nuts, sleeves and mechanisms
  • prevents damage to the threads and enables their reuse
  • lubricates and preserves - eliminates squeaks and jamming of small mechanisms
  • displaces moisture, protects against corrosion
  • cleans and shines - removes oils, greases, tar, asphalt, rust, oxidation deposits, road dirt, deposits and stains
  • compatible with plastics, rubbers, seals and metals
  • safe for varnishing: does not contain silicone or compounds interfering with the painting proces
  • safe and ecological: does not contain toxic compounds, caustics, acids, resins
  • preparation based on mineral oil with refining additives (EP, AO, penetrating solvents)

Packaging: Aerosol 650/500ml x12