SMARMAX 9806 (MC-3519)

Special, long-life, low-temperature lithium complex synthetic grease for precision mechanisms.

  • For high speed or low temperature mechanisms
  • Contains a special package of additives: anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-oxidation, waterproof technology
  • Stable mechanically and thermally
  • Provides a thin film of lubrication even during irregular start/stop movements
  • Prevents the surfaces from dry contact on metal/metal, metal / plastic
  • It is compatible with most elastomer gaskets, plastic seals, including polycarbonate
  • Does not harden at low temperatures and allows easy starting and operation with low torque at -55°C preventing from dry operation
  • Operating temperatures (-55°C to 160°C)

Cartridge 400ml x24
Can 1kg x 6
Can 5kg
Can 25kg
Drum 50kg
Drum 180kg