SMARMAX-BIO-E220 / BIO-E320 (MC-9314)

Biodegradable synthetic EP gear oils for industrial gearboxes, worm gears, crown-pinion gears, flexible couplings and bearing operating at moderate speed, circulation systems.

  • Non-toxic gear oil with biodegradability rate of >65% according to OECD 301B Test.
  • Recommended for most gearboxes and transmission that require biodegradable fluid.
  • High viscosity index does not change with use and shows little viscosity change at different temperatures.
  • Anti-wear quality and extreme pressure properties.
  • Compatible with yellow metals.
  • Compatible with most of elastomers: Neoprene, Viton, Buna-N, Teflon. Contact not recommended with Butyl and Ethylpropylene rubbers.
  • Working temperatures: (-30 ÷ 90)°C
  • Available viscosities: ISO VG 220 and ISO VG 320

Canister 5L x4
Canister 20L
Drum 200L