SMARMAX-BIO-G-00 (MC-0800)

Biodegradable water resistant, semi-liquid graphite grease for central lubrication systems, profiles and flange lubricators in locomotives, wagons, rail curves and rail tracks

  • Biodegradable - based on biodegradable synthetic oils with calcium thickener is non-toxic to aquatic organisms (according to OECD 202) and is biodegradable at> 70% (OECD 301F). Graphite is environmentally neutral, which makes this grease completely environmentally friendly.
  • Fully waterproof, non-washable and resistant to the most difficult weather conditions.
  • Long lasting, very sticky to the surface, does not drain, resistant to rubbing, tearing, centrifugal rejection from the flanges and the edge of the wheels.
  • Anticorrosive protection of metal surfaces for a long period.
  • Easily pumped throughout the application temperature range (-30 ÷ 90°C), it does not clog the system and spray nozzles.
  • Available NLGI class: 00

Pail 5L x4
Pail 18kg
Drum 45kg