SMARMAX CG-2 (MC-9723)

Assembly paste based on copper, Graphite for extreme loads EP> 800kg, vibration and extreme temperatures for threads, bolts, wedges, inlets, hydraulic hammers.

  • High-temperature copper-based and solid-phase high performance grease paste
  • Against baking and anti-jamming
  • For bolts, nuts, pins, transport chains, eccentric, cams, articulations, axles, hubs, sprockets, buckets, buckets for liquid metal, slow-moving mechanisms, tools, slides, drawers, dampers.
  • For extreme pressure and vibration.
  • Color: Dark brown.
  • Operating range (-30 ° C to 1200 ° C)

Can 500g x 6
Can 1kg x 6
Can of 18kg

Aerosol 520 / 400ml x 12