SMARMAX CHT-4600-S (MC-9300F)

Long lasting, synthetic, high temperature, pure high viscosity oil for chains, ropes and mechanisms.

  • Long lasting, synthetic, pure ester oil with a viscosity of 4600cst.
  • For chains, precision mechanisms, rocker arms, rollers operating at high temperatures and dust.
  • Works even up to 20 times longer than traditional chain oils.
  • Resistant to very high temperatures and oxidation
  • Does not shrink to 250 ° C,
  • Resistant to moisture and aggressive chemicals.
  • Does not attract dust.
  • Does not drain, creates foam during application.
  • Color: yellow
  • Operating temperature: (-30 ÷ 300) ° C

Aerosol 650 / 500ml x 12
Bottle 1l x 24
Canister 5l x 4
Canister 20l