Synthetic penetrating oil. Clean and odourless. Multifunctional with long life performance.

  •  Multifunction penetrating oil based on synthetic quality pharmaceutical oil
  •  5000 APPLICATIONS: Small Mechanisms, Actuators, Guides, Slides, Pneumatics, Food Industry, Automotive
  •  Odourless and Colorless
  •  Penetrates, Cleans, Lubricates, Dampens, Protects against short circuits, Protects against corrosion, Prevents freezing and jamming.
  •  Well penetrates and releases small mechanisms.
  •  Long lasting lubrication, does not dry!
  •  Creates a permanent invisible oil film
  •  Eliminates squeaks, creaking, locking mechanisms, slides, guides, small chains, cords, locks, hinges,
  •  For slides Metal-Rubber-Plastik 
  •  Pneumatics - miscible with mineral and synthetic oils
  •  Furniture guards, curtains, door handles, hinges, windows
  •  Noisy plastic mechanisms, slides in the car

 Aerosol 650/500ml x12