Multi-purpose marine marine sulphonate-polymer grease of the latest generation for rolling, sliding and heavy-duty bearings
(Under pressure, underwater, compressed steam, extreme loads, impacts, dust, high temperatures, fast and slow speeds)

  • Universal - Multipurpose - replaces the lithium grease EP And most of the lubricants in the maintenance of movement: rolling bearings, plain bearings, corners, mechanisms, joints, bolts ...
  • High, medium and slow turnover: Rotation speed DN = 500,000
  • Transfers extreme loads: EP = 800kG test (ASTM D2596)  (3 times the load on EP2 lithium grease)
  • Long lasting lubrication: up to 10 times longer lubrication interval than lithium grease under extreme conditions.
  • Guarantees best bearing protection: The innovative thickener creates up to 10 times thicker film lubrication in the bearing.
  • Super stable in water: does not harden and does not dissolve.
  • Do not rinse in pressurized water: best result 0 in a 90 ° C wash test to DIN51807: 1, unsuitable for other greases.
  • Chemical resistant: water, seawater, compressed steam, brine, aggressive media, diluted acids and alkalis.
  • Excellent corrosion protection: Emcor test: 0-0
  • Very sticky: not wiped out and not flowing
  • Makes it easier to reach and extend the life of the bearings up to 3 times.
  • Resistant to oxidation and very high temperatures up to 230 ° C
  • Thermally stable: Dropping point: 300 ° C
  • Wide operating temperature range: (-30 ÷ 200) ° C
  • Ecological: no toxic substances
  • Easily pumping in central systems for NLGI = 2 and NLGI = 1
  • Consistency class: available in 2 classes NLGI = 2 and NLGI = 1

Can 1kg x 6
Can 5kg x 4
Can 18kg
Drum 50kg
Drum 180kg
Cartridge 400g x12