Long-term semi-synthetic urea grease for long life lubrication of roller bearings and sliding electric motors, fans, pumps and drives. Lowers working temperature of bearings.

  • Semi-synthetic grease for engine bearings, pumps, fans, drives and precision mechanisms.
  • Multitasking: Rolling bearings (ball and roller) and plain bearings
  • Free, medium and high turnover.
  • Even 10 times longer lubrication time from lithium grease.
  • Eliminates bearing failures.
  • Reduces the operating temperature of bearings by up to 15 ° C
  • Improves device performance
  • Reduces the power consumption of electric motors, fans, pumps by 3%.
  • Resistant to oxidation, very high temperatures
  • Resistant to water, steam, brine, aggressive media.
  • Low dynamic moment.
  • NR1 lubricant for maintenance.
  • Operating temperature (-40 ° C to 200/250 ° C)

Cartridge 400ml x 24
Can 1kg x 6
Can of 18kg
Barrel 180kg