SMARMAX G-7480 (MC-3914)

Dry, highly durable graphite-based lubricating coating up to 1000°C, resistant to abrasion and friction corrosion for mechanisms operating at high temperatures, dusty, aggressive environments. It does not attract dust.

  • Dry graphite based lubricating coating to 1000 ° C.
  • Recommended in the dusty environment.
  • Does not attract dust.
  • Used for surfaces of slides, threads, pins, screws, foundry molds, glassworks and metallurgy.
  • Excellent dry installation grease.
  • Conducts thermally
  • Very firmly adheres to the surface, does not rub. Does not attract dust. Insulates and protects against seizure, baking, sticking and high temperature.
  • Color: black
  • Operating temperature (-200 ° C to 1000 ° C)

Aerosol 650 / 500ml x 12