Semi-synthetic, lithium complex grease with high concentration of MoS2 for mechanisms, pins, bolts and low-speed bearings. Special grease with good sealing properties, very adhesive, resistant to leaching, extreme loads and wiping

  • Semi-synthetic, highly adherent lithium complex with high content of molybdenum disulfide MoS2.
  • Long lasting, it works up to 10 times longer than other similar products.
  • For slow-moving mechanisms, pins, wedges, teeth, bearings, articulations, guides, working in the presence of water, mud, sand, vibration,
  • Recommendation: mining machinery, mining vehicles, construction machinery, coal conveyors, gravel, biomass, mills, presses, crushers...
  • Exceeds standards of LIEBHERR, Caterpillar (CAT-MPGM), Komatsu, Demag, Hannomag
  • Operating temperature (-20°C to 200°C)

Cartrige 400ml x24
Can 1kg x6
Can 5kg x4
Can of 18kg
Drum 45kg
Drum 180kg