Semi-synthetic liquid teflon grease for highly loaded crane guides and open gear

  • Special grease for extreme pressure EP> 800kg, developed for open gear, metal-plastic slides, telescopes, guides.
  • A special package of additives and PTFE microparticles allow the use of grease in the central and spray systems.
  • It is easily pumpable, very sticky to the teeth, resistant to water, rain and does not drain from vertical surfaces.
  • NLGI class = 0/1
  • Operating temperature: (-20 ÷ 150) ° C
  • Resistant to centrifugal force to gearboxes at speeds up to 6 m / s.
  • It is a grease of new technology and allows to reduce grease consumption by up to 60% compared to conventional greases.
  • It is clean and replaces dirty graphite grease and is easier to use.
  • It is extremely sticky, repels water with a high content of anti-corrosion additives.
  • It is completely neutral to elastomers and gaskets.
  • SMARMAX® OGT is recommended for gearboxes in mining equipment, construction machinery, crushers and rims at high temperatures eg in cement kilns. 
  • Recommended for small plastic gears, slides and teflon travel guides for telescopic cranes on vertical and horizontal guides over a wide temperature range.

Can 1kg x 6
Can 5kg x 4
Can 18kg
Drum 180kg