SMARMAX OGX-00 (MC-0822)

High-pressure semi-fluid grease for open gear, sprockets, ropes and guides. Very adhesive, resistant to extreme pressure, wiping, load and wash.

  • Semi-solid aluminum complex grease with graphite for extreme pressure.
  • For open gear, teeth, clutches, helical actuators, toothed gears.
  • Very sticky, not squeezed and does not splash.
  • Waterproof, not washed and does not wipe.
  • Limited dust attraction.
  • Very efficient and long lasting lubrication.
  • Resistant to extreme pressure EP> 850kg.
  • Do not wipe under the influence.
  • Compatible with graphite greases with open graphite greases.
  • Protects corrosion-resistant parts stored for> 2 years.
  • Especially recommended for heavily loaded gear units working in dust or water.
  • Color: black
  • Operating temperature: (-30 ° C to 225 ° C)

Can 1kg x 6
Can 5kg x4
Can of 18kg
Barrel 180kg
Aerosol 650 / 500ml
And other to order