Penetrating de-rusting release agent with MoS2 + EP and Non-flammable gas aerosol, additive to facilitate hard removal of screws. Slowly dries and works longer.

  • Strongly penetrates and loosens rusted parts, bolts, pins, nuts, bolts, mechanisms ...
  • Dissolves rust, grease, tar, bitumen, asphalt ...
  • MoS2 lubricates the small mechanisms against jamming.
  • Longest action
  • Eliminates squeaks
  • Protects against corrosion and rust
  • Penetrates and repels moisture
  • Universal - recommended in every workshop.
  • Displace moisture.
  • Very economical product
  • Non-combustible gas ejecting aerosol

Aerosol 650 / 500ml x12
Canister 5l x 4
Canister 25l