The strongest solvent degreaser, non-flammable solvent cleaner for mechanical and electrical parts. Dries immediately.

  • Cleaning of furnaces, engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, moulds, fireplaces, printing equipment, electrical contacts, mechanical parts and electrical equipment.
  • Removes adhesives, oils, lubricants, resins, ink, printing inks, silicone oils, asphalt, bitumen, tar, mud, sinter, scale, polyurethane foams, preservatives and anticorrosive coatings.
  • Manual use, spraying, dipping, ultrasonic washers.
  • Evaporates immediately.
  • Leaves a dry and clean surface without stains.
  • Dielectric strength: 25,000 V
  • Non-flammable, without flash point.
  • Multi-position valve 360 °.
  • Before use recommended testing the compatibility with paints and plastics

Aerosol 800 / 600ml x 12
Canister 6kg x 4
Canister 25 kg
Drum 250 kg 
Canister 25l x 40 (pallet)