Clean, multipurpose, penetrating, semi dry synthetic PTFE oil for precision mechanisms, locks, hinges, chains. Ideal product for your workshop, garage, car and home.

  • Clean lubrication and maintenance of small mechanisms, chains, ropes, guides, hinges, locks, equipment, etc.
  • Prevents dust from attracting
  • Mechanisms do not require cleaning before lubrication.
  • Lowest coefficient of friction
  • Guarantees excellent slip even in the presence of dust and sand.
  • Does not dirty, does not splash, does not drain
  • Mutes squeaks, eliminates noise
  • Resistant to water and salt
  • Displays water and moisture

Antistatic +

  • Protects the mechanisms against freezing
  • Transparent white color
  • Operating temperature: (-55 ÷ 150/250) ° C

Aerosol 650 / 500ml x 12