SMARMAX WR-150 (MC-3629)

Special oil lubricant for chains, slides, glides, linear bearings and precision mechanisms. Long life, highly efficient, adherent, low viscosity

  • Long-lasting special oil for guideways and precision mechanisms for easy slip without stickslip. effect.
  • Reduces friction to a minimum and ensures slippage even in the presence of dust and sand.
  • High chemical resistance, can be used in chemical warehouses: conveyors, packaging machines, automation, robotics, etc.
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosive, repels water and moisture
  • Does not attract dust
  • Does not drop from vertical surfaces.
  • Very adhesive to the metal, does not splash, does not drop even at high speed.
  • Eliminates jamming, seizure, guarantees smooth and easy movement of small mechanisms.
  • Silencing effect, eliminates squeaks and noise.
  • Very efficient, does not dry, just one drop and leaves a durable oil film.
  • Clean, does not stain, does not attract dust.
  • Without solid additives of PTFE, Graphite, MoS2.
  • Neutral for plastics, rubber, gaskets, nonferrous metals, coatings.
  • Operating temperatures: (-20 ÷ 150) ° C

Aerosol 800/600ml x12
Canister 5L x 4
Canister 10l x2
Canister 20L
Drum  200L