TF-SUPER (MC-9444)

A multi-purpose, penetrating low viscosity and prolonged action lubricant with semi-dry PTFE. Does not attract dust, penetrates and lubricates without having to clean.

• reduces friction and guarantees slippage even in the presence of dust and sand

• a unique composition based on synthetic oils, a penetrating solvent and the addition of micro PTFE

• eliminates jamming, seizing, guarantees smooth and easy movement of mechanisms

• replaces 95% of other aerosol lubricants in the workshop

• carries very heavy loads

• neutral for plastics, rubbers, seals etc.

• perfectly calms down, eliminates squeaks and noise

• works in a very wide temperature range (-50÷250)°C

• safe and ecological - does not contain any toxic or corrosive compounds

Packaging: Aerosol 650/500ml x12